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How Video Games Help Me

Video games have taught me many essential life skills. Playing games helps me with time management, perseverance and relaxing.

I can’t do everything in one day. I have limits. Playing games has helped me improve my will power and time management. I can play games for an hour or so per session and then move on to the other things in my life.

I’ve learned some lessons from these play sessions. They taught me to keep trying even when I make mistakes. In the worst case scenario, when your plan fails, you know you can restart and try again. Sometimes, after you keep trying, the plan comes together and works. You can erase all the penciled in plans to do something better.

However, strategies can fail and failure is a part of life. Games teach you to solve problems you meet, to find other paths to carry out a task. In life, too, you can travel down another path when you find yourself lost.

This new path in your life may seem scary sometimes. So how can anyone unwind under all this pressure?

Video games are one important hobby that help me relax. They help me briefly forget the problems of the world, which I do my best to try to solve. Playing video games and relaxing makes me a joyful person, and then I can go into the world and be at my best.

If you removed video games from my life, I might be hollow husk of my normal self. You wouldn’t recognize me. They have taught me so much.

How have video games helped you in life, if at all?


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