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If I Could Split Myself in Two

Let’s pretend I’ve discovered a revolutionary procedure to split myself in half. This procedure is safe and there is no surgery. I would not lose a pound of flesh, there are no knives slicing skin and I wouldn’t lose a drop of blood. You might say I’m talking about cloning myself, but splitting myself in half sounds cooler.

Half of me would figure out how to make this world a better place. I would work to bring all nations together in everlasting peace. I’m sure this goal would keep my better half preoccupied.

The other half would dedicate hours to the pursuit of beating video games. I would tell you more about my this half, but I’ve got some business to attend to.

Now if I could only fuse these two disparate halves together into a whole. Has anyone figured out the procedure?


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No Time for Video Games?

So you think you have no time for video games… Well, you might have time if you’re doing one of these silly things:

  • Stressed out, wringing your hands, worrying about what might happen. Need to relax.
  • Roasting something in all its delicious natural juices and letting the smell awaken your stomach from its digestive slumber. Can’t think straight with the smell. Can’t reflect. Need distraction.
  • Watching the same movie, which you’re starting to get sick of, for the one millionth time. In your pajamas. Haven’t bathed. Smelly.

If you have time to procrastinate instead of doing meaningful work, then you probably have time to play some video games.

There’s time for video games in your life. In small bursts, and as part of a well-balanced life that includes bathing, you could unwind and have fun. Give it a try.

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April 27, 2015 · 9:48 pm

How Video Games Help Me

Video games have taught me many essential life skills. Playing games helps me with time management, perseverance and relaxing.

I can’t do everything in one day. I have limits. Playing games has helped me improve my will power and time management. I can play games for an hour or so per session and then move on to the other things in my life.

I’ve learned some lessons from these play sessions. They taught me to keep trying even when I make mistakes. In the worst case scenario, when your plan fails, you know you can restart and try again. Sometimes, after you keep trying, the plan comes together and works. You can erase all the penciled in plans to do something better.

However, strategies can fail and failure is a part of life. Games teach you to solve problems you meet, to find other paths to carry out a task. In life, too, you can travel down another path when you find yourself lost.

This new path in your life may seem scary sometimes. So how can anyone unwind under all this pressure?

Video games are one important hobby that help me relax. They help me briefly forget the problems of the world, which I do my best to try to solve. Playing video games and relaxing makes me a joyful person, and then I can go into the world and be at my best.

If you removed video games from my life, I might be hollow husk of my normal self. You wouldn’t recognize me. They have taught me so much.

How have video games helped you in life, if at all?


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Desperately Seeking Video Games

seeking video gamesI’m lying there in my bed as the fog of sleep is about to clear in my head. My dream of playing video games on an idyllic Saturday afternoon has just ended. It’s time to act. I want the dream to come true.

What do I see now? Golden sun rays stream through the window next to my bed and trigger my eyes to open. It’s a sign that I should get up and start my day. My eyes slowly open like a theatre curtain and promptly shutter because of the light’s stinging harshness. I force them open again and sit there in my bed trying to come to my senses. I feel slightly inebriated with fatigue from a long night but sober up in a couple of seconds.

Now, I’m all bright-eyed, sleep refreshed and ready for the rigours of the day. Nothing can stand in my way as I spring out of bed and land on my feet. The calendar is empty. It’s go time!

I gallop out of my bedroom but stop mid stride as I notice something. I’m overwhelmed by a wave of choices that float in my head. But I artfully dodge that indecisive danger and resolve to play games that afternoon. After all, I have absolutely no plans for the day to thwart my gaming dreams.

So, I walk toward my desk, turn on my PC, and get ready to dive into some great games. I pick up the controller and another thought pops into my head. My beard is a little itchy. Maybe I could use a shave.

The mirror never lies. It looks like I have a lumberjack’s beard. Scratch that. I look like a lumberjack who’s been sleeping in the wilderness for a month with nothing but his axe and the clothes on his back. In other words, I look a little rough around the edges. Also, the urban lumberjack look doesn’t suit me.

So it’s time to practice all that boring hygiene stuff. Give me about half an hour… Ok, now I’m back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Wait! I need to refuel with some good food to get me through the day. Contrary to what you might have thought, Mountain Dew is not the fuel that I’m talking about.

I better make some steel cut oatmeal for breakfast. Of course, you’ve got to top it off with some fresh fruit and stuff. All right, now I’m fully charged and ready to spend some energy on games.

Hmmm my fridge is empty though. So I run over to the store to stock up on groceries. It sounds like a simple task. But there wasn’t a cloud in the endless blue sky and the sun was still shining. How can I be expected to ignore that?

I think to myself, “I’d better go for a bike ride and make the most of this day.”

So forty-five minutes later, dripping with sweat, I get back home in one piece. A quick wash up and I’m ready this time. But I should munch on this delicious sandwich and soup that I made.

Alright already, I’m rested and full of energy, as well as good food. It seems like playing video games will happen in the immediate future.

Then my computer starts to taunt me. “Come on, write a blog post or two. Write another short story. Or do both!”

After couple hours of writing, I’m exhausted. I slowly turn towards the clock and realize it’s late. It’s 6 p.m. The phone rings. It’s my friends. They want to go out for dinner to a new pizza place and got tickets to a show no one thought we’d get. This is too good to turn down.

About 6 hours later, I get home and get ready for bed. I figured I could squeeze in an hour or so of a good game. But my bed, and the book on the nightstand, are beckoning me to come closer. I fold. Then I plop myself into bed. I instinctively reach for Don Quixote and read until my eyelids can no longer resist the concrete weights pushing them down.

Just before I doze off, I try to plan what I’ll do on Sunday. Well, chances are I’ll wake up with book on my head and end up looking for my twisted glasses on the floor. After getting myself cleaned up, I have some volunteer work to do, among other things.

I guess I’ll get a chance next Saturday.


Do you ever have enough time to play video games? If so, how do you make time for them? If not, what’s keeping you from living out your dream of playing more video games? What will you do to make your dream come true?


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When Do You Play Video Games During the Week?

When do you play video games?

The sand that slipped away.

There’s not enough time in the day.

I’d like to squeeze in some play time, but the week is usually jam-packed with things to do. Time seems to slip through my fingers like sand.

I wonder how people find the time to play all the latest games. Seriously, you can find games that are hundreds of hours long, and some people go through them like daily clean shirts.

How is it that we will all find time to pursue this awesome hobby when there’s so much to do?

Some Wonderful Things That Can Keep You from Your Beloved Video Games

• You’ve worked so hard that you can barely stand on your feet. The fridge is empty and dinner doesn’t cook itself.

• Young students have an alphabet [soup] to digest and new crackers to crunch at school.

• You have other hobbies to pursue and want to spend quality time with more than a machine.

• You’re running around a house trying to keep order as your children laugh and play. You probably would like to prevent more crayon frescoes on your walls.

• You’re taking your spouse out for a fancy dinner.

• You care about what’s going on in the world around you.

• Surviving a zombie apocalypse… Oops! That belongs in another list.

What Keeps Me from Playing Games?

I’m so glad you asked.

I’d say all the things in the list above, except for kids and a spouse, learning the alphabet and zombies. I would add things like volunteering, reading and writing.

Maybe I’m also not very good at games because it takes me a while to wrap up one. You won’t find broken controllers in my apartment; you will find me replaying sections of a game though.

How do I Make Room for Video Games?

That’s easy! I make time for them. There are few things as relaxing as playing video games when you have nothing else to do.

When do you play video games during the week? How do you find the time to play them?


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