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My Xbox Has a Message for the Next-Gen… from the Grave

three red lightsMy Xbox 360 breathed its last breath two years ago. It wheezed and probably coughed up a lot of house dust. Then the dreaded three red lights appeared and mocked me.

Before that, I was cruising along fun highway without a care in the world. The three red lights were like a flat tire that forced me to pull over to the curb.

It was game over.

I thought about what I would do next. Could I ever learn to trust Xbox again? Would I stay single by taking myself off the console circuit?

Well, not long after that tragedy, I started to court the PS3 and fell for it. Here’s five reasons why I choose the PS3:

1. Disconnect

Kinect isn’t for me. I’m also not interested in Move, and I think Sony knows that.

2. More cool but meaningless numbers

I love trophies. Earning them is a RPG lover’s dream come true because they count towards your PSN level. Even better, I love to earn the platinum trophy in a game. Getting that platinum is like reaching the top of a mountain, planting a flag to claim it, and yelling with joy.

3. Can’t Survive on Halo Alone

Halo was one of the main reasons why I bought an Xbox 360. After a year or two, I was full. But PlayStation games, like Journey and Uncharted, beg for me to play them. They’re too good to ignore.

4. No more death

I didn’t want to see the three red lights again. They’re red hot glow is forever seared in my head.

5. Felt like something different

I wasn’t angry when my Xbox 360 died. I had always secretly wanted a PS3 but didn’t have the time to play with two consoles. In fact, I was happy when my Xbox died because now Sony’s machine was within my grasp. Looking back, it seems like everything worked out in the end.

A lesson for the next Gen from the Xbox Cemetery

New consoles are coming soon. You’re going to hear all about the great next-gen features that they have. Let’s hope the next-gen includes a failure free future or at least less fail. My continued support for the consoles will depend on it.

What about you?

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The Future of PlayStation and Making Trophies Even Better

The Future of PlayStationWhat is the future of PlayStation?

Let me peer into this cloudy orb – you might call it Orbis – and try to divine the future.

Oh wait! We’ll find out tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought of five changes to trophies that I’d like to see in a future PlayStation:

1. Less multiplayer trophies

This is a small change.

I like to sink my teeth into single player games and take time to digest all they offer. I don’t spend much time with multiplayer and can’t afford hundreds of hours to get those rare trophies. The Uncharted series did a good job here: I only had to earn one or two multiplayer trophies.

2. Jump to a trophy you just earned

So you slash your way through a game when something pops up on the screen. You adjust your geeky glasses, held together with tape, and squint at the screen.

“You earned a trophy: Great Job!”

What does that mean?

I’d like to tap a button to find out the details right away. I’m talking about light speed here. I want to know why I got a trophy.

3. More platinum trophies

I wish every game had a platinum trophy. Yes, that would include small PSN games. The platinum trophy is a fun reason to dust off an old game and replay it after you’ve beaten it to death.

4. Bonus rewards for unlocking trophies

You unlocked a trophy! Your eyes light up and sparkle like a diamond when you see it.

Now, imagine if you could unlock some cool weapons at the same time. I think that sounds fun, and it would spur me to play until I unlocked everything in the game.

5. Carry trophies over to the next system

This is the most important item on this list.

I expect Sony will trumpet new things and throw out old failures. I hope they keep trophies on their next system so I can keep stacking them on my virtual shelf.

What do you think Sony should do tomorrow?

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