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Reason Before Passion in the Console Wars

next gen console warsSometimes the console wars go over the top. Now, people argue about things that don’t matter to blow off steam. I get it. That’s fine. But game arguments can spiral out of control and become console wars.

In these conflicts, crazed fans toss insults at each other like grenades thrown at enemies in a battle. However, the casualties in this video game war are brain cells, not scores of soldiers. The wars become a deadly Molotov cocktail-like mix of game preferences, ignorance and anger.

One can tell when an argument about consoles has spiraled out of control. There is no more reason. No love for others. Total war destroys all of these. Gamers in these wars have an unhealthy love of machines and spew venom on others. That is what defines a console war.

This unhealthy love is nothing new. Console wars have raged for many years, and they have intensified as we await the release of the new machines. Microsoft’s policy reversals and rumours about boxes have given hawkish gamers the chance to start a battle. These hawks have a simple rallying cry: “My next-gen console is better than yours.”

However, gamers cannot say yet that one next-gen console is better than the other. The reason is simple: the consoles are not available yet. Some might counter that we know much about these consoles already, but we still have much to learn. And the console makers could make drastic changes to their machines after we buy them.

How could anyone argue about “the best console” until they have played all the machines? After they’ve tried all the consoles, and maybe after they’ve waited until the end of that generation, gamers can then ask some questions. Gamers could ask themselves if Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, did what they set out to do. Did they keep their promises?

Of course, a good part of this assessment involves games, not just boxes. We can talk about boxes all we want. But at the end of the day, gamers are – surprise! – enamored with games. At the very least, wait until the games come out before you judge the consoles.

Even after the games come out, it may take many years of hindsight before you can say one console was “better” than another. And then you still have to figure out standards to judge these machines.

The console wars are pointless. The opponents in these conflicts can agree they both love video games. Instead of arguing, these people could discuss their love for games. Better yet, they could spend time playing together and lay down their arms. I’m sure most people prefer fun over war.



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