Re-Release of Kotor I & II? Dreams Can Come True in HD

Re-release HD Kotor

Make room for one more delicious re-release!

Would you play a re-released game in HD? How about a really good one?

Maybe you’ve had your fill of them. You might have gorged on re-released games and explode if you have another.

Loosen your belt and undo your top button because I’ve got a great game for you.

Kotor stands for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Kotor is for anyone who likes

  • amazing games,
  • RPGs,
  • or Star Wars.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you love at least one of these three things. Go play these games!

Better yet, you should demand the re-release of these games! Of course, the games should have achievements and run in HD.

Why would anyone re-release these games?

Here are three reasons why Kotor I & II deserve a re-release.

1. RPG gamers will love this game

Let’s say you’re new to RPGs and you don’t know where to begin. Kotor’s a great way to become familiar with this game genre. In fact, Kotor was the first RPG I ever played.

Boy, did I ever suck on the harder difficulties! So, I switched to easy and didn’t have to worry about dying every second. Switching difficulties really let me sink my teeth in and have fun.

And trust me, you will have fun playing these games. You can choose a dark or light path and have a major impact on the galaxy.

Also, you just get to kill things with cool weapons. Yes, you can wield a lightsaber.

Even those who don’t like Star Wars – not sure who they are – will enjoy Kotor as a historical artifact. What do I mean? BioWare fans will see how that company’s writing has improved from Kotor to Mass Effect.

These games are a must buy for BioWare fans.

2. Star Wars stories that outshine the prequels

Critics were less than huge fanboys of the Star Wars prequels. But game critics really loved Kotor for good reason.

Kotor I & II have great stories, and this is a major reason these games deserve praise.

The Kotor games take place thousands of years before any of the movies. So, Star Wars fans will meet new iconic heroes and villains. Gamers will even get to shape the Star Wars universe with their decisions.

Does it get any better than that?

The stories are highly memorable, epic and probably easier to follow than George Lucas’ prequels.

Now is the time to re-release Kotor. Lucas is re-releasing his prequels in 3D and Star Wars is in the news again. After all, people love playing games based on famous movies.

3. Re-released HD video games are all the rage these days

Take a look at the PlayStation 3 game library. You’ll see God of War I & II, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter and more.

Why re-release Kotor?

Well, for starters, Kotor is just a fantastic game. People will want to check it out for themselves. They’ll want to know why it has a heaping helpful of praise.

After they try out Kotor, gamers might even want to play the MMO SWTOR. Yikes! All of these abbreviations are making my head spin.

I’d like to see Kotor re-released on all platforms. All gamers deserve to play this series.

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