Rejected Video Game Ideas

Imagine a group of game developers and I sat around and came up with ideas for video games. Along the way, we made a few mistakes and threw them into garbage can.  Here’s the result:

1. Mold… The Game!

It all started one day when Jimmy, a young bachelor, smelled something off in the back of the fridge. He made a big mistake, though: he ignored it. The next day he discovered that the odorous source was mold, and he made his second mistake: he ignored it again.

The next day the mold had expanded, consumed the fridge and was invading the kitchen. Hundreds of fruits, vegetables and utensils fled for their lives to avoid the unrelenting onslaught of the disgusting mold.

Now it’s time for you to help Jimmy. Fight to reclaim his kitchen and stop the blob of mold’s reign of terror!

2. Is It Dry Yet?

If you have nothing else to do, you’re going to love this game. You sit in a room and watch paint dry! Gain extra experience points if you make it to the end of the game without shutting off your computer.

3. The Little Beanstalk that Could

It grows– so slowly. Watch it every step of the way, and then climb it to enter a mysterious world. Note: it may take 1000 years to grow.

Let’s all be thankful that I don’t make video games.


Can you think of other silly or awful ideas for video games?


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10 responses to “Rejected Video Game Ideas

  1. Honestly, that first one sounds like it could be the basis for an interesting flash game. As far as awful ideas:

    ‘SAT the Game’. Take the test while voices in your head scream about how your future comes down to this final grade.

    ‘Night of the In-Laws’. Guess whose coming over for a surprise dinner?

    ‘Don’t Tell Junior the Goldfish is Dead’. A lying to your child simulation where you must get to the store, buy an identical fish (or other pet in later stages), and get home before your kid gets home from school.

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    • After I published the post, I thought Mold… The Game! sounded pretty good too. I put Mold there because my original three ideas for this post were so awful that I thought it would discourage visitors from reading the whole post. So I tried to write something that would get people reading and, unexpectedly, I may have ended up with a good idea for a game. HA!

      Lol good choices. I had a ‘Night of the In-Laws’ type game to add to my post, but I decided to whittle the list down to three.


  2. The Otaku Judge

    The mold idea actually reminds me of a Cowboy Bebop episode. The paint dry one is only slightly duller than your average clicker game.

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  3. As someone who works in a library, I can’t imagine that “Reshelving!” would be a big hit. Can you put the library books back on the shelf in the right order, all the while paying close attention to the Library of Congress’s cataloging rules?? Even I don’t want to play that in real life.

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