The Case of the Missing Game

The game isn’t in its case!

My blood boiling hot enough to cook pasta. Temples throbbing loud enough to waken ubiquitous video game zombies. The smell of smoke whirls around my nose as my insides burn with rage. And steam… Oh no steam! I’m dying. Oh, wait, it’s just the kettle.

Oh, wait, here’s the game. It was in the wrong case. Someone put the rock ’em sock ’em bloodthirsty robot rampage game in the happy-go-lucky kitten simulator.

Go figure. Life is full of little surprises.

Do you always put games in their proper case, leave them lying around, or do you put them in anything you can find?


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6 responses to “The Case of the Missing Game

  1. They always go back in their case. Always. Always.

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  2. lightningnightnova

    I try to put mine back in the case when I’m done these days. A few times I have been forced to follow a long trail of unmatched games in cases to find the one I’m looking for. Thanks for the laugh!

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    • I try these days too, but I’ll be honest, I’m kinda lazy, even after following a trail of unmatched games in the past. Bad habits… Glad it made you laugh. It’s hard to write words that get people laughing, and I always appreciate when someone tells me I pulled it off.

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  3. The Otaku Judge

    I have a terrible habit of putting discs into the wrong cases. Sometimes when I want to play a particular game it becomes a long treasure hunt of opening box after box, following the trail until I eventually come across my desired title.

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