Go Home, Video Games! Go Home!

Go home, video games!

Go back to the black bunker-like box you call a home.

Go spin around in there until you’re dizzy.

You’ve overstayed your welcome, and I need some “me time.”


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4 responses to “Go Home, Video Games! Go Home!

  1. The Otaku Judge

    Nintendo are going back to cartridges to save their games from dizziness.

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  2. Reblogged this on RACCOON DADDY – Games and Parenting Community and commented:
    LOl, yeah!! Thats an internal battle all of us serious gamers have. (Myself included) I think it really comes down, to just scheduling your gaming time and filling in more time for exercise, activities outside, writing, etc. I think we all need to kind of find some way to hold ourselves to a fixed schedule, if we are gaming too much.
    I ALWAYS find myself frustrated when I get sucked into a good game. Sure it’s almost the same way, as if you’re reading a great book. But the overall time consumption is greater than reading. (At least for me, it is.) Mind you, I don’t lose track of my priorities or I’d have a serious problem. But there are a ton of people that do. So, be careful and find you “slot and spot” for gaming and the other things you really want to do.

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