Video Game Substitutes Are Sweeping the Nation

Are you cool? Well you might be very uncool and not even know it.

Here’s a simple test: do you still play video games? If you answered yes, then you’re uncool. Video games are so last year, and the cool kids would never be caught playing them.

Do you want to be cool? Then play video game substitutes just like everyone else.

Start by taking out the trash to the front of house. Do this while jumping over the cracks in the sidewalk to avoid falling into a fiery lava pit beneath you. You might not see the pit, but rest assured, it has claimed many victims and their stinky garbage.

The most popular substitute, though, is dish washing. Wash and dry your dishes — by hand — before the timer runs out! You want to talk about survival horror? Try surviving the horror of a sink overflowing with dirty dishes.

In short, video game substitutes are sweeping the nation, and offering you the chance to be cool. Don’t delay! Pick up a broom and sweep the front porch.


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6 responses to “Video Game Substitutes Are Sweeping the Nation

  1. The Otaku Judge

    I am semi-cool. I do those chores and still play video games. Maybe in time I can wean myself off consoles and become 100% hip. Hip is what the popular kids say right?

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  2. You thought 4K was cool? Check out viewing things with these new devices called EYEz. No interlacing, no upscaling…

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  3. Hey I play these games! haha The graphics are the best I’ve seen anywhere, especially when the day cycle begins to transition to night…

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