You Have the Power to Forgive

Stan’s face was red enough to cook a steak. His clenched jaw was reminiscent of a dog who would not part with a bone. And the vein in his forehead looked ready to burst and spew out burning hot lava. He took a deep breath and decided to take his mind off of the pending explosion.

He reached for the power button on his video game console. He was hoping to play the stress away, to let the unpleasant feelings melt like butter in the sun. Suddenly, he heard a voice and felt a static shock when he tapped the power button.

“You have the power to forgive. Let go.”

Where was the voice coming from? Stan did not know.

He sat there chewing the origin over. The clock seemed to tick and tock without end until he wrote himself a note in his journal. He smiled, the steam dissipated from his ears and his red face cleared up. He knew what he had to do tomorrow.

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