Are You a Wild Animal?

Let’s go on a safari. We’ll take a close look at video game players in the wild. Below is a list of seven types of wild gaming animals.


Dinosaurs only play old school video games. Do you play 3D games on a current console? “You should be ashamed of yourself,” a dinosaur might say.

The dinosaur thinks 3D is a major heresy. If it was up to them, they’d excommunicate you from the gaming community.


This type is pretty self-explanatory. Pig gamers live in sties and don’t care about their living quarters when they play. Oink! Oink!


Bulls are easily angered. They also tend to throw controllers and such. Watch out! They get especially angry when they see their character’s red blood on the screen. Clear the room when this happens because you could get hurt.


Frogs jump from game to game but never finish anything they start playing. They get bored easily. When they don’t care for a game, they stick their tongue out at it in disgust.


Beavers collect logs to dam rivers and make their home. Some game players share similarities with their rodent friends, but these people are far less practical. These gamers collect vast quantities of games and like to stare at their collection from afar.

There are two types of beavers. The digital kind loves to grab huge amounts of games during Steam sales. The hard copy beaver loves to see a towering stack of games in their living room.


Bunnies, with their pure white coats, are innocent and don’t recognize danger. Wolves devour these innocent noobs online.


Wolves are vicious when they are out on a hunt for innocent prey. They’ll show no mercy and might even desecrate your corpse in an online game.

Bonus post: You might be a snail or a hedgehog. Check out my post Help! I’m a Video Game Snail to diagnose yourself.

Which type of gaming animal are you? Did I forget an animal or two? Are you combination? Maybe a bullfrog?


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11 responses to “Are You a Wild Animal?

  1. I’m a beaver always looking for new games to add to my collection.


    • I guess there’s also digital and hard copy beavers too. Some love to collect the digital stuff and others love to see the towering stack of game cases. I’m mostly a snail but, let me tell ya, Steam makes it tough to avoid acting like a beaver sometimes.


  2. I’m definitely a Video Game Snail. There’s just not enough hours in the day… -_-

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  3. Lately, I’ve been part beaver, part frog (freaver?). I often glare longingly at my games, wishing I had time to play. But then, when I finally get time, I’ll jump from one game to the next.

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  4. I’m still just a snail. 🙂

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  5. Thanks for following my blog. Dinosaur. Still have the classics but nothing new.


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