Playing Myself to Sleep

The house doesn’t speak English, but it speaks another language. If you strain your ear, you can catch the hint of some exotic accent. You see, the fish darts around his tank, the fridge hums gently, and the console makes a whirring noise as it spins a disc. The console’s bright lights also command attention.

Yet, I make the most audible sound amidst this cacophony. This is the sound of clanking thumbsticks, of a person who is battling through a difficult video game. Before long, though, my left eye gets heavy and starts to close while the right eyes the left and follows suit. Then I stop moving. The console keeps running.

Do you ever start falling asleep while playing video games? How would you describe that experience?


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10 responses to “Playing Myself to Sleep

  1. Yes, I fall asleep sometimes when playing video games. It’s a weird experience because sometimes I’m still able to press buttons and play a little while half-asleep. When it happens in RPGs, it’s almost like autoplay for me. I fall asleep midbattle, and wake up once it’s over, haha.

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  2. I used to fall asleep playing Dynasty warriors with my friends, lol they used to wake me up like “What are you doing?” as I would keep my thumb on the joystick and have my character continue to run into a wall

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  3. The Otaku Judge

    Happened a few times when I play my Vita at my Spanish speaking house.

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  4. The most notable dozing off experience I had was Final Fantasy XII. I last remember being in a battle with skeletons in the sky mine/cave. I was fighting and fighting, and when I snapped back into consciousness, I gained three levels. Apparently, I’m better when I’m inactive.

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  5. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so caught up in a game that I dose off mid gaming session lol.

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