If Video Game Characters Were Real & Had Personalities

Maybe we would spend time with video game characters if they were like people and had personalities. Maybe we would get to know them and grow old together. And maybe we could even play games with them.

I think that characters from shooting video games would probably be less popular. I mean, you would probably not befriend a violent psychopath, right? By contrast, we would probably still love Mario and think of him as being delightfully joyful. However, we’d probably be concerned about his magic mushroom consumption, and his influence on kids. Pikachu would probably remain just as loved if it were a real pet, albeit a highly dangerous one.

What do you think life would be like if video game characters were real and had personalities?


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15 responses to “If Video Game Characters Were Real & Had Personalities

  1. I’m going to assume that even though they’re real, they have their powers and adventures. The one I’d be curious about is Link since he’s always been a near silent protagonist. I say ‘near’ because he screams a lot.

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  2. As much as I love them, people would probably try spraying Captain Olimar and the Pikmin. I mean, tiny little things climbing around our stuff and carrying it off? Most people step on those things out of instinct. 😦

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