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“What Should I Blog About?”

Blog about one of your minor interests.

A minor interest is something that you don’t know much about, and it takes up little of your free time. For example, video games were once a small part of my life, and then I made a blog about them.

You too could blog about a minor interest and have an advantage: it already engages you. Of course, you might not love the topic but you still have an interest to inspire your writing. Start to write, dig deeper and appreciate the topic in all its complexity.

You could learn new things about this minor interest as you research and write posts. You could synthesize different perspectives to a form a new and interesting angle on the topic. You could approach the topic with an outsider’s insight and have a unique blog, if you do a little research.

As part of your research, you could read others’ WordPress blogs. Read their posts, leave comments and you will meet new people online with different perspectives. Even if you don’t like to write, surely you’re refined enough to read and act amiably. You are, after all, reading this post. Thanks for that by the way.

When you encounter new people, your old views might melt away like a snowman on a high UV day. Strangers might shake your beliefs and challenge you to consider new ideas. Reading and writing a video game blog, for example, might challenge any stereotypes of gamers that you have. So you might grow as a person as you blog about a minor interest.

Why not blog only about your passion? After all, two blogs could overwhelm a person. Well, I think practicing time management will make you a better writer. If you have two blogs, you will have to write and edit to meet strict deadlines. In addition, your minor interest could attract visitors to your main blog.

The easy – almost facile – answer is to write about what you love. I suggest that you  blog about one of your minor interests. You could learn new things, talk to people with different personalities and see things from a different perspective. You could even blog about your passion and squeeze in your minor topic on the side. All you need is the will to start.


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Can Video Games Help Writers?

I think playing video games can benefit writers and help them learn discipline.

Writers who enjoy video games get to practice self-control. They do not need self-control because video games are an “addictive” drug. Instead they practice their self-control to balance their time spent playing with their time spent writing. They will have to put the controller down and pick up a quill, or a mouse, at some point. But the chance to practice discipline, by itself, is not a great reason for anyone to play games.

Perhaps a more persuasive reason is that video games can inspire writers to start writing. A person who plays video games can draft previews, reviews, news and anything related to games. These writers already know their audience: it is other video game players.

In addition, video game stories could inspire a person to write fiction. The fiction could be a novel based on a game. Or one could pen an original novel with influences from the story or themes of a game.

Working on video games could give writers a chance to do what they love. An established fiction author might pen the story for a blockbuster video game. Or maybe this author could offer some advice to a development team. So video games can inspire and even get writers paid. Is that it?

Video games offer everyone—not only writers—a chance to relax after a hard day with a fun hobby. Whenever you finish a post or piece of fiction, go for a walk and play a game. Use that time to clear your mind, and then tackle a fresh piece of paper or a blank computer page that taunts you.

Of course, writers still need to read and practice their craft. After all, you can’t finish a post when you are fending off waves of zombies with a machine gun. Or perhaps you have superhuman multitasking skills and a gift for writing without thinking. I did not think so.

I cannot guarantee video games will make you a better writer. However, they can inspire you. They can get you paid. They can help you relax, but don’t forget your discipline.


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Berenstain Bears Inspired This Post

writing is one of my favourite hobbiesMama and Papa Bear inspired me to write this post.

See, when I was a kid, my dad read the Berenstain Bears to me before bedtime. I loved that series. Sometimes he would add funny words to the story to see if I was following along. I would always call him out on these added words, and we would laugh.

On occasion, after he had a long day, my dad would fall asleep while reading to me. My mom would check on us after my dad had already shut his eyes. “Shhh,” I’d tell her, “Don’t wake him. He’s sleeping.” Then I’d continue reading until we all had to go to bed.

Not too long after these bedtime stories, I decided to pen my own tale. I remember a book called “Colour Your World,” about a cat, inspired me to write. After scribbling the last word and showing my mom the triumphant masterpiece, I realized I had a lot more to learn about spelling.

Cue years of learning and writing. But most of that writing was dryer than 2 week old stale bread. Yes, it was fun to write at all, but I wanted to try different styles of writing and be more creative.

So I started this blog and decided to write with flavour. I wanted to leave behind the bland writing of my past, to experiment with words, and to make something that excited me.

Video games became my subject because I love to play them and know a little about them. So many of you love them as well, which meant I could talk to you on my blog.

But when it comes to hobbies, writing is near the top. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I wanted to reflect on why I write this blog. Why did l choose video games as a topic? What experiences in my life made me fall in love with writing and then start this blog? As I reflected, I recalled something beautiful about life that mirrors my favourite hobby. My life is a story with a history, a present and a future I look forward to writing.


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Sorry, My Blog Lost Power

dangling power linesDear readers,

Last Sunday my apartment and my blog lost power. Tree branches collapsed under their own weight because of their thick coats of ice. Power lines dangled like deadly snakes in some areas.

I was volunteering, wrapping gifts and dealing with the power outage. There was no way I could post about – let alone play – video games. It wasn’t going to work.

I love writing. I love reading others’ work. I set out to publish a post every week, and I’ve done that for over a year now. So it hurt a little when I couldn’t do that last week.

But I got over the hurt fast. In my city, there were thousands of people during Christmas – and there are still some – without power. They’re the people who need help.

Also, I’ll publish two short blog posts today to make up for last Sunday. I spoil you. You know that, right?


What crazy things have happened to you while publishing a post? Have you ever lost power when you were blogging? How did you cope?


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Thanks for Reading This

video game blog 100 hundred followsI have an urge to be creative. I get up in the morning, as the alarm buzzes in my ears, and want to do something great.

But I don’t sculpt statues and don’t lift heavy objects. Toolboxes, bricks, and easels aren’t necessary for me.

Instead, I use pens, keyboards and a mouse. Ok, for those keeping count, this is my metaphorical toolbox. This toolbox doesn’t matter too much; any pen will do. Perhaps I would care about these items if I was a keyboard designer or engineer, but I’m not. In truth, these tools are only important because they help me put words on my blog.

I chose to blog about video games for two reasons. First, I love playing them. And when I am close to them, roses fills my nostrils, all I see are hearts, and the music from Romeo and Juliet plays in the background. Sharing this love of games is the logical next step for me.

Well my goal with this blog was humble. I wanted at least one person to like and read it. I’m happy to say that my blog has long since achieved and surpassed that feat. A couple of days ago, I earned a total of 100 followers and 200 likes for good measure.

But I want more than these numbers: I want my words to captivate the eyes of non gamers. Maybe they’d learn something new about games, or maybe they’d realize gamers are like them. I’m proud to say some great writers from non game blogs have already liked my posts. Here’s to having more of them pop by!

I love words, video games, and I need to share my thoughts with you. I want to let the words flow like a river from my head, down my arms and on to the screen. From there, they trickle into the vast ocean we call the internet.

Thanks for reading.


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A Post for My Beloved

Liebster AwardDearly beloved,

We gather here today to celebrate my new award. I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award and I accept! Liebster is a German word and can translate to “beloved.”

This great news comes after the natural high I got from a previous award. That award recognized me as part of the WordPress family. Now, with Liebster, I know I’m a beloved member of that family. It’s a family I’ve never seen before, but I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I have to share the love and reciprocate. My digital beloved is the community. There are so many wonderful people on here with diverse voices. You can find great writers who cover video games and beyond. Thank you so much for all the excellent posts. Would there were time to read all these tomes of entertainment!

I feel great joy when I read your comments and know that you liked my work. It’s nice that you take the time out of your busy lives to appreciate someone else’s work. You can make a so-so day into a super week. That says a lot about you. I think that’s a form of selflessness, and it attracts me ever more to Anyway, such is my beloved.

The Rules of the Liebster Award:

Thank you Drakulus for this award. I’ve quoted the rules from his post:

1. “Post eleven facts about yourself.

2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you’ve nominated.

3. Choose eleven people to give this award to and link them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them.

5. Remember, no tag backs.”

11 Facts About Myself:

1. My middle name’s Joseph.

2. I have a large and diverse library of books.

3. I love Scrabble.

4. My favourite comedian is Rodney Dangerfield.

5. I love classic British TV comedies like Fawlty Towers and Blackadder.

6. I can’t live without WordPress.

7. I have terrible vision without my glasses, so I never leave home without them.

8. I love to write and am working on some short stories.

9.  I can’t survive without Italian, Lebanese and Greek food.

10. I like ultimate frisbee.

11. As a kid, I played many hours of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark with friends.

My answers to Drakulus’s 11 questions:

1. What’s your favorite game to have come out in the last 3 years?

Mass Effect 2

2. On a stressful day how do you relax?

Watch a funny movie, go for a run and cook.

3. What’s your favorite book?

That’s tough and almost impossible to answer. For fiction, maybe the complete series of Sherlock Holmes.

4. What would you do if you were infected by a zombie?

Find a way to peacefully co-exist with humans.

5. Werewolves vs Vampires who would win? {I’m not talking about twilight}

Vampires because they still have their brains and could devise a strategy to outwit the wild werewolves.

6. What’s your favorite strategy game?

My favourite strategy video game is Civilization II. I’m not as familiar with strategy board games as I should be.

7. What’s your all time favorite movie?

The Big Lebowski

8. Who’s your favourite actor?

Jeff Bridges

9. What video game character affected you the most?

The main character from Journey has a moving story that I won’t forget.

10. Do you think games should be allowed to win best picture?

No, I’d rather see more people watch a serious award show dedicated to games.

11. If you could fly {like Superman} where what would you do? Where would you go?

I would fly to the North Pole and set up a huge ice fort there. Then I’d have snowball fights with my friends. Note: Donald Duck’s classic snowball fight with his nephews inspired this answer.

My 11 Questions for Nominees:

1. What is your favourite meal?

2. Where do you want to go on your next vacation?

3. Who is your favourite comedian?

4. What is your favourite album?

5. What is your favorite video game development studio?

6. Why should people play video games?

7.  Are you excited for the next generation of consoles or bored with all the hype?

8. What’s your favourite TV show?

9. At what age did you play your first video game?

10.  How do you prepare to write a good blog post?

11. Who inspires you?

My  11 nominees (in no particular order):

I suggest you check out all the blogs below



Hollow Knowledge

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The Button Masher

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Say Hello to My Online Family

wordpress-family awardI don’t mean The Sims. is now my online family. It is a great family that manages to unite millions of people, celebrate their work, and stay classy. Let me explain this some more. is a home for millions of diverse people. We may live on opposite ends of the Earth, and we may have different interests. Yet, we can still find someone with a similar blog or shared hobby.

It’s also great fun to find people with unique views and talk to them. The comments I’ve shared have always been polite. Others leave me polite comments, even when they may disagree.

We’re not a mafia family, but we take care of our own. We “like” posts and give awards to celebrate others’ good work and talent. We get along.

If millions of people can get along on, then perhaps the world can too. Or maybe we can act as a model of decent online behaviour.


WordPress Family Award

PewPew Diaries, thank you for the “WordPress Family Award” nomination. I accept.

The Rules for the WordPress Family Award

1. Publish the award photo in a blog post. In the same post include these things:

2. A link to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 10 blogs “you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.”

4. Tell your 10 Family Members about their award.

My 10 Nominees for the WordPress Family Award (not in any order)

I recommend you check out all 10 of these blogs.



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