Who Is Your Video Game Nemesis? Part II

They sit on your couch, eat your Cheetos and beat you at your own game. All they leave behind, before they leave, are a high score, your tears and crumbs.

Who are the people in your life who you love even though they beat you at video games?



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Who Is Your Video Game Nemesis? Part I

What video game character thwarts your every attempt to beat the game? Who dares to challenge your title to master of the universe? Why do they make you grind your teeth until they are sharper than diamonds?

Share your stories. And share your strategy, if you dare.


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What Makes A Video Game Good?

It’s the game’s willingness to stand up to evil. I mean, to stand in the face of evil, despite hot and stinky breath that manages to wilt beautiful faces.

It’s self-sacrificing love: understanding the other may be too tired to play.

It’s doing countless selfless acts, even those that seem insignificant, like helping an old lady cross the street. This includes stopping to pick up the cabbage she dropped and then letting ducklings cross the road.

It’s taking care of friends who are left on the shelf because no one wants to play with them.

It’s experiencing all that life has to offer, understanding the world, making good judgments and acting on them.

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How Do You Make Time to Play Video Games?

What’s your secret? I’m sure many people on the internet would like to know.


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You Can Save the World (And Here’s How to Do It)

By now, you’ve explored most of the world around you. You’ve probably loved many people and felt loved by others. You’ve probably experienced joys and sorrows, and highs and lows. I bet you feel like the world is worth saving. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click “save”, open a new file and click “confirm.”

That is all.


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Don’t Go Out with A Whimper

Do you blog? I bet you do, and you know blogging is hard work. Sometimes you feel inspired and write well, and sometimes you sit down and stare at a white screen or page that taunts you. The unbearable brightness of the page sears your eyes, forcing you to look away. Bloggers must overcome these types of stumbling blocks to write well.

Writing well requires a balance between putting words on a page and everything else. One cannot spend forever on a post, forsaking life and love. A good balance allows a blogger to keep publishing posts, to feel proud of their work and not miss what’s happening in the world around them.

Some video game bloggers might find this balance difficult to achieve. Not only do they blog and live life to the fullest, but they also love to play video games. Should video game bloggers play for an hour and write for two? They might feel tempted to stop blogging and only play, or maybe they have the willpower and ability to do both and more.

If you decide to stop blogging, say goodbye before you leave. Too many video game bloggers disappear from the “blogosphere” without a trace. They’re like a once stunning star that dies, crumbles and leaves behind mere fragments of its awesomeness. The whole process is sad and a waste of energy.  If you’re leaving, please tell us about your plans for the future and maybe stop by for a visit.


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Go Get an Extra Life

The Earth stood still yesterday.  I’m not sure why. I do know I stared through my window at a bright blue sky for some time and saw no movement.

I had hoped to see something interesting outside, and I was hoping not to spy a Rear Window style murder. I was at least expecting to see or hear something moving on the street or in the buildings nearby. But the only movement came from my clock. Its tick tocks, by contrast with outside, were deafening.

I scanned the never-ending walls of glass and brick apartments that surrounded me. Everything I saw was dark. Was nobody home playing video games? I mean, what else could they possibly be doing with their time? Who would not want to play video games?

Some of the brick building denizens, I imagine, might reply you can’t have a life when you play video games. But there are so many extra lives to be found in games. Go get yourself one.

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