What Do Video Games Do for Me?

We do so much for video games. We tend to virtual gardens, mine for space gold and keep the games company for hours on end. What do video games do for us? Yes, they are bright and flashy, but I am a sophisticated and discerning connoisseur who expects more than that. I have done some deep thinking, and I think video games should have these features.

  1. They should help me to be a better cook. Maybe if I tap “X” repeatedly these herbs will finely chop themselves. It will be even more effective than the Slap Chop.
  2. They should give me infinite energy. How else will I stay up all night playing video games and still work?
  3. They should pay me. I have collected so many coins while playing video games, and I deserve a share of the winnings. I am still working on a deal with my accountant and lawyer. I will let you know the final figure.


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Welcome to the Cave

I felt small as I glanced at the cave’s 10 foot tall entrance. I felt like a guppy about to be swallowed by a bigger fish’s mouth. Then the goosebumps broke out.

I inched forward as if I was wading through knee-high levels of snow. I nearly peed myself as I entered the cave and bumped into a set of teeth. My heart was about to burst, and my mouth hung open as I turned to notice the teeth were only a jagged set of rocks. I sighed, chuckled and moved forward with a smile on my face. Nothing was going to stop me from getting to the bottom of this place.

Just then I heard a lightning strike in the cave. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, I tripped over myself and fell face first into the dust. When I got up, I brushed the dirt off my face and shoulder, and I could see clearly now. A tiny pebble had fallen and the echo had frightened me into thinking I had heard lightning. I laughed at myself, “Imagine! A grown man afraid of a falling pebble. Get it together Adam.”

I came to what looked like the end of the cave. I glanced beneath me and saw a sort of ladder built into the crumbly mud with rotten wooden panels. I held my head high and then I started down below.

There was a constant dripping sound in the distance as I took each step. Each drop of water became a loud thud that caused the veins in my neck and head to bulge and my eyes to blink. To make matters worse, each wooden panel creaked as I moved. The dripping and creaking became something like an unsettling song that played in my head as I descended. I told myself that the song was precisely that, just something in my head. The cave was getting to me.

And that’s when the cave got under my skin. I nicked my finger on a rusty, ragged nail sticking out of a panel. I ignored the pain, the adrenaline pushing me forward, as I skipped one or two dilapidated panels. I reached the bottom of the cave. There was no more light.

I found myself at the beginning of a long, mud hallway, and now the dripping was as loud as thunder. As I moved through the hallway, I found the source of this sound: it was a tiny sink. I washed the cut on my finger and dried it with a nearby towel. I noticed mounds of dirty laundry all around the sink, and I gulped.

I turned the corner and saw a massive black rectangle, in landscape mode, that resembled the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. As I squinted, I thought images were flickering on it. And I could have sworn there were hands moving behind the rectangle. In the foreground, no one could have missed the brown and bear-like couch.

Suddenly, a head popped up from the couch and turned around to face me. I stood deathly still as sweat ran down my cheek. I looked the other way, screwed up my face and closed my eyes. My face wore an expression: brace for impact.

“Hey dude,” said the head, “I’ve been playing video games all day. Care to join me?”

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Why Am I Here?

A lone figure waddles down a dark and dangerous road. The figure, surrounded by slowly dissipating mist, inches closer to us and becomes visible. The figure’s tongue is lolling out, his eyes are bulging out of his skull, and his shredded shirt is covered by spittle. He is a zombie!

“Grrrrr. Brai– wait,” he says.

He scans the horizon and sees nothing but trees and utter darkness. Not even an owl could be heard in the distance because the darkness, like a true glutton, consumes everything that crosses its path. The zombie sits down on a tree stump next to the road. He leans forward, flexes his arm and rams it under what is left of his decomposing chin. He is the zombie thinker!

“What am I doing here?”, he asked. “Why am I alone? Siiiiigh!”

As he sits thinking, he shakes his head so hard that a rotten ear falls off and plops to the ground. In his state of boredom, he kicks a pebble and it hits a boulder before downing a dying tree. But no one is alive in the forest to hear it fall. The zombie sits on the stump growing roots when he feels his exposed, bony knees begin to shake.

“What is that sound?”

The ground now shakes so hard beneath him that the earthworms ascend into the air, and if they could fly, they surely would have gone on vacation. A whooshing sound rushes through the trees and enough leaves fall to the ground to make a giant woodland salad. A zombie herd, after running their fastest, now pops out of the woodwork.

One zombie from the herd pokes his head around a tree. He talks to the zombie on the stump, “Look alive, Dave! The video game’s about to start.”


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Playing Video Games until it Hurts

What are your New Year’s video game resolutions?



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Video Games That Rock The Night Away

What is your favourite video game to play during the holidays?



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Share Your Video Games with Everyone

Do video games bring you joy? They are more than mere fun for many because they are challenging, they can leave one with a sense of accomplishment, and they can be one’s life’s work. But I suspect video games bring us even more joy: they help us to love one another.

Video games, contrary to some stereotypes, can have a strong social aspect. This social aspect is not guaranteed, of course, but one can find many instances of it. Many of us play video games with friends while lounging on a coach. Some of us co-operate with or compete against friends in online games, and sometimes we talk about games to each other. This social aspect of video games should be obvious.

This social aspect does not necessarily occur to earn money. I can invite a friend to sit on my couch, play a game and not charge admission. We probably do not loan games to friends to get rich fast, and sometimes we battle against strangers online to emerge victorious, not to drown in money. We can think of many reasons why we play video games with others and enjoy their company while we play. We might feel lonely, we might want to catch up with friends, and we might want to share something incredible that we have. This desire to share something we have that others do not — without the promise of financial reward — is what interests me.

I encourage all of you to share your video games with others, especially the less fortunate. Share because you love your fellow human beings, not because you might gain some recognition. Do you have anything to share? Many of us are fortunate enough to collect games we hope to play some day. However, we should not hoard games if we are reasonably certain we will not have time to play them. Instead, we could bring a smile to the face of a person who does not have anything to play. Better yet, we could play the game with them and share the gift of ourselves with the other person.

Of course, video games are not necessary to love one another, and these objects should never consumer our relationships. Yet, video games could be a great way to show your love, to care about others and to spend time with them. Take the time to share your video games.

Do you have any stories of times you shared video games and what happened? Inspire your fellow readers. 



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If Video Games Were Illegal

What would you do?



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