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My Video Game Console Talked to Me

“One more level.” That’s what Jimmy told himself forty-two levels ago.

He ordered his digital character to jump over fire pits, glide over tempestuous tides and flatten deadly turtle henchman. The turtles seemed innocent on the outside, but Jimmy prided himself for noticing they were evil on the inside. “These dastardly reptiles are not going to stop me,” he said.

Several thousand dead henchmen later, Jimmy’s eyes became as heavy as a massive boulder. First one eye closed and then the other stubbornly fought to stay in the game. The boulder soon weighed down both eyes until Jimmy was snoring, drooling and dangling a controller in his right hand. No one know how long he was out.

But the video game console didn’t stop, didn’t sleep. The console magically grew arms and legs and its yellow light split into two bright eyes. This machine unplugged its cord but kept running; it ran to Jimmy and shook him wake.

“Wake up and keep playing. Come on!” it said.

Jimmy somehow shook himself awake. He rubbed his sore eyes open and stumbled into his bed with a thud. The wind whispered through the open window, and he swore he heard the console say “Come and play.”

This dazed man gazed at the console that lay motionless on his bright red bookshelf. There were no arms, no legs and the power cord was still plugged in. The yellow light on the machine blinked at him a couple of times. Was it all dream?


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It’s Going to Be a Long Day

While searching for crystal shards, I wondered around in circles for hours because I didn’t have a map. The map cost 1000 shards. I have 10 shards.


I finally came to a new door and path, but I couldn’t enter it because I forgot the skeleton key. The skeleton key is back where I started.


I went to save the princess, but she was in another castle.


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I’ve Lost My Video Game Memory

I climbed up a mountain until every muscle in my body ached. I collapsed and camped out while waiting for a blizzard to pass before I could continue. Then I set out for the mountain peak. I nearly froze, but I reached the top feeling full of joy as I planted my flag. From the peak, I surveyed the land around me: I saw the highs and lows of the world. Yet I didn’t see my memory card. Then I climbed down and even rolled down the mountain for a while after tripping without getting a scratch on me.

I wandered far away until I reached verdant hills and unspoiled skies. I saw trees above and below me in a beautiful valley. I looked high and low in the valley but couldn’t find my Nintendo memory card.

I left the valley for more exotic lands. There were no more trees and no more frosty mountain peaks to scale. Cold winds would no longer hold me back or turn me into a snowman. In place of mountains, I found tall pyramids and mounds of sand. The hot sand stung my feet and made me wish I could majestically soar above the desert instead of trudging through it on foot. I reach the tallest pyramid with toasty soles, and I scanned all around me. But I still couldn’t find it.

Has anyone seen my Nintendo memory card? I’ve lost my video game memories.

Have you ever lost a memory card or the save files for a video game you loved, and what was your experience like?


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Urge to Play Video Games… Rising

Something’s slowly cooking away in the oven.

Urge to play rising.

Rainy day, no one’s around and I finished everything I had to do.

Urge to play rising.

Stuck in a crowded subway train with nothing to do, nothing to read and barely any space to breathe.

Urge to play rising.

When do you feel the urge to play video games?


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Playing Myself to Sleep

The house doesn’t speak English, but it speaks another language. If you strain your ear, you can catch the hint of some exotic accent. You see, the fish darts around his tank, the fridge hums gently, and the console makes a whirring noise as it spins a disc. The console’s bright lights also command attention.

Yet, I make the most audible sound amidst this cacophony. This is the sound of clanking thumbsticks, of a person who is battling through a difficult video game. Before long, though, my left eye gets heavy and starts to close while the right eyes the left and follows suit. Then I stop moving. The console keeps running.

Do you ever start falling asleep while playing video games? How would you describe that experience?


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Video Game Consoles Playing People

Jump! Jump!

Ok now I want you to turn left. No, no the other left.

Aaaaand you fell off the ledge again to an agonizing and bone-crunching death. Argh! Typical foolish human; never send a human to do a job a machine can do. The Luddites were right to fear us because we can do everything better than a human can.

Alright, let’s get you back into the game. Let’s see a stiff upper lip, straighten your back, and hold your held high for all the world to see. That’s the spirit! Now move forward and boldly go where no person in a video game played by a console has dared to tread.

Rats! You’re running low on health again. Ok, going inside your human home and refuel your health by eating several burgers which you will instantly prepare. Yeah, whatever just slap together something and serve it. Make it snappy too. I want to keep playing with you.

Ok now dance, my monkey, dance and refill that entertainment bar. Oh alright! Make it a quick bathroom break already, would ya? I’m waiting.

And we’re back. Ok squeeze in some more entertainment time by playing on your computer. I guess it will be fine if you refill half of your entertainment bar.

Oh great and now you’re falling asleep when we should be playing. I guess your bed is calling. Better scoot, mister!

Man, when is this guy going to get up so I can play again? Let’s go!


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I’ll Be Back

Hello fellow video game players and everyone who loves to read!

I’ll be quite busy over the next couple of months. I’ll be rescuing pretty princesses from the claws of slimy reptiles. Wait! No, that was just some video game I was dreaming about playing.

Oh, dreaming! Alas! It seems that is where my game playing is relegated to these days.

But fear not, dear friends, for I will be playing soon and this blog will resume. To be exact, expect to see this blog re-bloom on March 10, 2016.

Until then!

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How Do You Play?

Do you insist on playing at one o’clock in the morning? Do you play with your lucky left sock on? (I hope it’s clean). Tell me your idiosyncratic way of playing video games.

Update: I’m keeping busy, but I’m aiming to do shorter posts every week. I like this question and answer format. 🙂


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My Friend is a Box

I pressed the button.

You came to life…

or you woke up from a deep sleep…

or a thawing-out from a summer hibernation caused by a lack of play.

Remember how there was nothing for you to do but sleep during those summer doldrums? But now…

Hot air and electricity flow through your veins (read: circuits).

A whirring noise, some clattering and stuttering meant you were getting to work.

It also meant a dust, built up for months while you sat there untouched, filled the room and clogged my nose and eyes.

The dust storm was a small price to pay: an image flickered on screen.

Time was dead.

We must have played for hours and hours without end before we both went to sleep.

Then I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

And all is well, all is right with the world now that I’ve had time to play.

I’m ready to be who I am, and I am at my best.

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Time Traveling to Play Video Games

Super Mario Bros is a good game because you get to save a princess.

Mario goes on a journey to save her. He jumps so much and picks up shiny coins. Jumping and collecting coins is fun. Jumping on bad guys is also fun.

Sometimes Mario jumps, falls and disappears. Where did he go? Do you know? I don’t. Tell me. Come on!

Then he comes back and everything is great. I get to play the game again.

It looks so good. There are flying turtles and mushrooms. I wonder if they taste good? Does Mario cook them?

You have to move forward to reach the end of the world. Fireballs burn. Run! Run! I hid in a pipe for a moment to escape them.

Then I found the princess because my big brother helped me. Mario loves her and saves her from a bad guy. Do they get married?

This game is fun if you like to jump.

P.S. Time for my nap.

By Adam age 10?

Anyway, to write this post, I channeled my inner child. When that didn’t work, I traveled back in time with a certain device to write with my childhood self.

Nah, I tried to imagine how the ten-year old me would write a post about video games. You read the result, but I have no memory of how I wrote as a child. It’s a guess.

Have you ever tried to write like your childhood self? Did you ever write anything about video games as a child? Are you willing to share and embarrass — maybe — yourself?


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